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Wearwell® Disinfecting Mats

Stop viruses, bacteria, and contaminants at the door! 

Step onto a disinfecting footbath mat and bathe away harmful  viruses, bacteria, and contaminants in a disinfectant solution and brush away dirt and grim right at the entrance!

Among its many names such as sanitizing shoe baths, disinfection boot dips, shoe sanitizer mat, shoe soles disinfecting floor/door mat, disinfecting mat is a type of mat designed like a tray to hold disinfectant, and together with the tiny stub built-in within the tray, footwear are easily clean and sanitized before one enters a facility where cleanliness is of upmost important.

Studies have shown that with the proper use of disinfecting/sanitizing mats, contaminants can be kept at bay. Droplets of viruses, bacteria and contaminants can be easily pick-up by shoes, boots; in fact, any type of footwear. From footwear, such contaminants can easily be transmitted anywhere.

Use a disinfecting/sanitizing mats in addition to hand washing facilities for the extra layer of protection!

Wearwell sanitizing/disinfecting mats

Shoe Sanitizing/Disinfecting Mat - Standard

Wearwell sanitizing/disinfecting mats

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