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Ergonomic Industrial Mats

Workplace ergonomics, health and safety have become all the more important today than ever with heightened emphasis on eliminating discomfort, injury and health risk.

Appropriate industrial anti-fatigue mats and flooring can help to eliminate discomfort, lower body injury and health risk; thereby maximize productivity and reduction of cost due to preventable injury and health incidents. 

Likewise, commercial mats placed at strategic high pedestrian traffic locations help prevent footwears from bringing water, dirt and contaminants into a building thereby, making the area immediately after an entrance safe from slipping and contamination hazards.

What is and why choose ergonomic matting?

Ergonomic matting, made up of a surface layer and a sponge foundation, is the tried-and-true anti-fatigue industrial mats for workstations and assembly lines providing support to standing workers and perform as a safety measure preventing slips, trips, falls, as well as contamination and high voltage.

What is and why choose ergonomic flooring?

Ergonomic flooring is made up of interlocking tiles that let users replace damaged sections easily and expand or contract as needed. Tight seams, dependable installation, and a patented fastening system hold tiles so they stay put in application until unzipped for easy replacement and reconfiguration. 

Available in multiple styles, and different colours to be incorporated to define paths, heighten safety and use in place of temporary tapes.

Ergonomic flooring can be said to be the best defence against slips, trips, falls, heel strike, back pain, and muscle aches.

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What is and why use disinfecting mats?

With heightened emphasis on environmental hygiene in today's COVID19 Pandemic, door mats designed with raised edges to hold disinfectant, and bristles to brush away dirt and grim from sole of shoes are important and effective tools to stop harmful contaminants from spreading at high foot traffic spaces like shopping malls and office buildings.

Shoe disinfecting mats, also commonly known as sanitizing mats, disinfectant mats, antiseptic mats or antimicrobial mats, can be connected to a series of drying mats so that the sole of shoes are wipe dry after being clean and disinfect in the disinfecting mats. More on disinfecting mats here >>>