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Terra Safe® Millennia Sensor Activated Portable Hand Wash Sinks

Terra Safe®  Millennia is a sensor activated portable hand wash sink that ensures good hand hygiene where plumbing is not available.

Hand washing has become an important part of our daily lives at home or at work in the new normal today. If a location where plumbing is not available, a portable hand wash sink will come in handy.

Terra Safe®  Millennia is fitted with a sensor activated tap allowing users to turn on the tap by placing their hands underneath it. This eliminate the need to touch the tap; hence, users are safe from cross contamination compared to manual taps which requires a knob to be push down or turning it. The tap turns itself off after some time or when the users remove their hands; this will help conserve the water in the fresh water tank inside this portable sink. 

The inner compartment of Terra Safe®  Millennia can store two 10 litres containers for fresh and waste water making it a truly compact self-contained portable sink configuration.

If bigger 20 litres containers are required, the inner compartment can hold a 20 litres fresh water container and the 20 litres waste water container can sit externally.

Terra Safe®  Millennia is also fitted with four 360° swivel wheels and with it being light, moving it around to where a portable sink is needed is easy and effortless.

Terra Safe®  Millennia is a sensor activated portable hand wash sink have been successfully used at locations where plumping is readily available such as  temporary F&B pop-ups, al-fresco dinning area of F&B establishments, retail kiosk, classrooms, clinics and many more.

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Comes with 3 metre power cord with fused 3 pin plug

Portable Sink

Fresh and waste water tanks are stored internally

Portable Sink