Terra Safe® Hygiene

Washing of hands, also known as hand hygiene, has since become an important and integral part of everyday living with the onset COVID-19 pandemic. While the best form of hand hygiene is washing with soap and water, this becomes difficult when plumping isn't available. In such instances, hand sanitizing would be the next best option.

Under Terra Safe® Hygiene, Omni Technosys brings to market a series of products to ensure hand hygiene is made possible.

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Terra Safe® Millennia Contactless Sensor Activated Hand Wash Sink is an in-housed assembled portable self-contained sensor activated hand wash sink which provides for a contactless hand washing facility where plumping is not available like at an outdoor food kiosk or temporary construction site.

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Terra Safe® Hands-free Sensor Activated Sanitizer Dispenser Stand is a lightweight metal stand fitted with a sensor activated dispenser. A drip tray can be fitted as an optional add-on. The sensor activated dispenser, available on its own, can also be used for soap.

Ideal for use at spaces where hand washing facilities are not practical or at temporary venues..

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