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Ground Vehicle and Aircraft Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are blocks specially designed to fit the contour of tires and withstand the operating weight of the vehicles, aircrafts and equipment. The primary function of a wheel chock is to immobilize the wheel of stationary vehicles, aircrafts and equipment to prevent any roll off or accidental movement, which can cause serious and costly personnel injuries as well as asset damages, during maintenance work, loading/unloading and even parking on ground or roads with gentle slope or in a windy area.

No doubt an unchocked runaway vehicle can cause serious injuries and damage properties, a driver driving off with their wheel chocked can be just as bad. Hence, our Terra Chock® Wheel Chock Warning Stand series featuring wheel chocks fitted with warning stands or handles to provide wheel chocking function and serve as reminders to drivers and ground staff to remove the chocks before driving off.

Omni Technosys Pte Ltd stocks and distributes a wide range of high quality ground vehicle wheel chocks for cars, vans, lorries, buses, trailers, scissor lifts even 400 tons mining trucks and aviation chocks for helicopters, executive jets, fighter jets, airliners up to and including Airbus A380. And, where certification is required, our Terra Chock® HC-A series HDPE chocks and MC-A series metal chocks are TÜV tested to DIN 76051 standards.

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General Advantages of Polyurethane, HDPE & Galvanised Steel Wheel Chocks

  • Designed and purpose-built to provide strength

  • Mould resistance, not likely to rot, chip, splinter or crack; eliminates Foreign Object Damage (FOD)

  • Waterproof, weather and most oils, fuels and chemical resistant

  • High visibility safety colours incorporated into chocks

  • Generally lightweight with built-in carrying handle or recess

  • Many models are tested according to DIN 76051 and ADR standards*

  • Versatile; can be deployed on its own or configured as

    • single chock with ropes or chains

    • pairs with ropes

    • fitted with warning sign stand or handles

    • wall mounted kit with chain and storage bracket

*Rating are for flat surfaces and wheel chocks in perfect conditions.

*Beware of imitation. Terra Chock® is a registered trademark of Omni Technosys Pte Ltd

Terra Chock® Kangaroo reflected in rear view mirror

Terra Chock® Wheel Chock Warning Stand Series

Ever experienced truck drivers, in their hurry to their next destination, driving away with their wheels still chocked?

Such incidents could potentially lead to personnel injuries and properties damages. And, such incidents usually happen when the drivers forget that their wheels are chocked. As checking rear view and side view mirrors before driving off come naturally to drivers, having wheel chocks fitted on warning stand can help remind the drivers that their wheels are chocked as they are able to see the wheel chock warning stand in their side view mirror.

At Omni Technosys Pte Ltd, we developed a series of wheel chock warning stands that can provided both wheel chocking functions as well as serve as a reminder for drivers that their wheels are chocked just before they drive their vehicles away.

As vehicles varies in weight and wheel sizes, these warning stands are designed to fit a range of wheel chocks such as Terra Chock® UC-A286, Terra Chock® HC-L383iCheckers UC1500-4.6 or Checkers UC1600-6 to name a few.

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Terra Chock® Wheel Chocks

(Click on image for brief description of each chock)

Suitable for use with vehicles with maximum vehicle weight of up to 10 tons*

Suitable for use with vehicles with maximum vehicle weight of up to 20 tons*

Suitable for use with vehicles with maximum vehicle weight of more than 20 tons*

Rubber Wheel Chocks (Click on image below for brief description)

  • Low visibility

  • Heavier compared to polyurethane and HDPE

  • Less durable then polyurethane and HDPE

Suitable for vehicles with Gross Operating Weight of 13.6tons*
Suitable for vehicles with Gross Operating Weight of 25tons*
Suitable for vehicles with Gross Operating Weight of 35tons*
Suitable for vehicles with Gross Operating Weight of 122tons*
*Based on vehicles fitted with 4 wheels

Aircraft Chocks

Checkers polyurethane aircraft chocks

Checkers AC6820-LR (With 36" Locking Rope)

For large and oversized aircraft
  • AC4600 Series - for mid-sized to large aircraft

  • AC3500 Series - for small to mid-sized aircraft

  • AC200 Series - for small aircraft