About Us

Committed To Protecting People And Assets

Established in 1991 as an IT system integrator connecting PCs to network infrastructure cabling solutions, Omni Technosys Pte Ltd (199105622D) in 2011 added cable protectors to meet the demand for personnel and assets safety.

From 2012, Omni Technosys Pte Ltd expanded our cable protector range to offering the widest and best of class cable protectors. From then on, seeing the need for durable safety products to prevent slip and fall in work places, commercial and public areas, Omni Technosys Pte Ltd morphed into a stockist and distributor of safety products protecting assets and personnel.

Our customers are, but not limited to, large commercial and industrial corporations, contractors, statutory boards, ministries in Singapore and the region.

Recognized in the industry for our comprehensive range of heavy-duty cable protectors, our range of products today include:

  1. The line of cable protection products that started our business reboot; cable ducts, drop-over, light duty to extremely heavy-duty cable protectors supporting vehicles of up 18 ton/axle

  2. Commercial and military grade Randolph Randogrip anti-slip coatings/paints for indoor and outdoor surfaces

  3. Checkers and our own Terra Chock® range of polyurethane, HDPE, metal ground vehicle wheel chocks for sedan vehicles up to 400 ton haul trucks and rubber wheel chocks for aircrafts. Included also are wheel chocks tested to DIN 76051 and ADR standards for land vehicles

  4. With the fast moving logistics and security sectors in mind, we have 3 in-house designed Terra Chock® wheel chock stand with warning signage and handle

  5. Jessup commercial and military grade anti-slip tapes for indoor and outdoor surfaces

  6. Knuffi® soft corner and edge protection guards for use to protect assets and prevent injuries in commercial and industrial premises, inside vehicles, machineries, etc.

  7. Portable hand cleaning/washing devices such as hands-free handwashing sinks, sanitizer dispenser and disinfecting footbaths which have become important and necessary in living with Covid-19 today.

Contact us today with your unique requirements for our recommendation.

Omni Tech cable protectors
Terra Chock Wheel Chocks for cars, small lorries, construction trucks and logistics vehicles
Terra Safe portable touchless hand cleaning/washing dispenser and sinks
Wearwell commercial and industrial workplace platform, anti-fatigue and disinfecting mats
Justrite range of safety products such as commercial/industrial mats
Checkers cable protectors and wheel chocks for cars, small lorries, construction trucks and logistics vehicles
Notrax commercial/industrial anti-fatigue and disinfecting mats
Adam Hall Defender cable protectors
Jessup anti-slip tapes
Randolph anti-slip coatings/paints
Knuffi soft corner and edge protection guards/bumpers
Knuffi invisible soft corner and edge protection guards/bumpers