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Anti-slip Coatings

*Not suitable for residential use; both indoors and outdoors

When it happens, it might just be too late.

Anti-slip coating - a durable and proven slip, skid & fall prevention solution for industrial and commercial applications.

Slips, skids and falls due to slippery floors or grounds detrimental accidents leading to serious personnel injuries and possible huge financial costs.

While never intended, accidents do happen and prevention is probably the only realistic intervention. Anti-slip coating can help to prevent such accidents and save lives. Manufactured in USA and recognized for preventing slips and falls, Randolph Randogrip coatings are engineered to meet the requirements of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines yet comes in ready to use formula for easy applications.

*Not suitable for residential use; both indoors and outdoors

Scroll down for more information on Randolph Randogrip anti-slip coatings or contact us now with your requirement. Stocks available in Singapore.

Suitable for use on factory floors, machine platforms and steps, ladders, rigs, walkways, stairways and virtually any indoor and outdoor area that poses slip, skid and fall hazards.

Benefits of Randolph Randogrip anti-slip coating -

To provide for better adhesion, it is highly recommended that Randolph Randogrip coatings to be used together with Randolph Randogrip primer which comes in water-based and metal-based to suit your different needs and requirements.

Although this anti-slip coating and paint is extremely durable, it is not permanent and will require occasional touch-up, especially in high traffic areas

Properties of uncured material

Typical curing (performance curing properties @ 21°C unless noted)

Typical properties of cured material @ 25°C unless noted)

Randolph Randogrip anti slip coatings and paints are easy to apply as they come in a ready-to-use form; just stir it well and apply. Watch the video to see how fuss free is this prevention solution.

Locations in Singapore where Randolph Randogrip anti slip coating have been applied -

Anti-slip coated plates affixed over drain gratings
Anti-slip coating on outdoor checkered plate
Anti-slip coating on outdoor spiral staircase
White on black anti-slip coating forming a zebra crossing
Anti-slip coating on concrete floor
Anti-slip coating on pebble floor
Anti-slip coated on tiled walkway integrating with existing design
Anti-slip coating on outdoor tiled footpath
Anti-slip coating on tiled staircase covering the nosing
Anti-slip coating ramp leading to pet swimming pool
Anti-slip coating on checkered plate staircase
Anti-slip coating on steel plates secured over grilled drain covers
Anti-slip coating on open air tiled staircase
Anti-slip coating on outdoor inclinced tiled walkway
Anti-slip coating on tiled high foot traffic steps
Eye-catching anti-slip coating on open air spiral staircase
Anti-slip coating on tiled floor with customised design
Anti-slip coating on retail tiled entrance ramp
Anti-slip coating on open air concrete steps with message
Anti-slip coating at water fountain
Anti-slip coating on tiled common corridor
Anti slip coating on tiled floor next to pool
Anti-slip coating on outdoor tiled public walkway
Anti-slip coating on outdoor tiled staircase