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Wearwell commercial/industrial workplace platform, anti-fatigue and disinfecting mats

Some industries like manufacturing and fulfillment centers require employees to stand in the same spot for long periods of time, which can take a physical toll. Commercial and industrial anti-fatigue mats are placed onto hard floor surfaces and reduce fatigue caused by standing on flooring for long periods. Wearwell® anti-fatigue mats are ergonomically designed to mitigate this stationary impact by alleviating foot pressure and reducing the strain on the body. 

Founded in 1950 and known for the Wearwell® DiamondPlate SpongeCote®, an industrial mat with sponge backing offering workers the perfect blend of softness and resilience, Wearwell® has since grown into an industry leader for commercial and industrial ergonomic matting and flooring solutions.

Today, with a wide range of patented innovations, Wearwell® commercial and industrial matting and flooring solutions can cater to unique challenges everywhere and have been used in industries such as general manufacturing, machining, energy exploration, healthcare, commercial buildings, logistics and distribution, automotive, labs and many more.

Anti-fatigue matting helps reduce employees daily physical pressures placed on the body. Wearwell® offers a wide a range of design and these are made from different materials. Choose the anti-fatigue mat suitable for your environment.

Wearwell®  mats can improve productivity and positively impact your bottom line.. contact us now 

Wearwell® WOW! Anti Slide Finish Mats

Whether you are working on dusty concrete or slick epoxy, mats should not slide around. WOW!, a special finish that prevents mats from sliding in use, finally solves this decades old problem.

Diamon Plate Spongecote with WOW! Finish 

Wearwell® DiamondPlate SpongeCote® with WOW! finish has become the "Gold Standard' with a tough diamond surface, extra-thick ergonomic build, and keeps mats safely in place.

Top-Tile AM with WOW! Finish

Wearwell® Tile-Top AM with WOW! finish has a tough surface and thick ergonomic build. With Anti-Microbial properties, Tile-Top AM takes your protection to the next level, preventing slips, trips, falls and contamination.

Omni Technosys distributes the entire range of Wearwell® mats that suit many different needs, contact us today with your requirements for us to recommend the most appropriate mat.

Wearwell® Flooring Series

Rejuvenator® Polyurethane Flooring System

Rejuvenator®  Flooring 

Large 3' x 3' (91cm x 91cm) and 1' x 3' (30cm x 91cm) modules that interlock on all four sides to customize any flooring configuration on-site in one-foot increments. Hidden and effective interlock as well as bevelled ramps (yellow or black) create a seamless and stable underfoot.

Rejuvenator®  Flooring 

Create either a 2' (61cm) or 3' (91cm) wide runs of ergonomic matting with just 1 female end, 1 male end and as many centres as you need for your space. With moulded-in ramps, installation time and costs can be significantly reduced.

Rejuvenator®  Workstation Mat

Feature an clean and consistent 'take out of the box and place on the floor' anti-fatigue solution for your team who spend most of their shift standing at one station. 

ErgoDeck® Polyurethane Flooring System

Patented LockSafe® technology allows ErgoDeck® tiles to hold secure, and easily taken apart and reconnected on demand. Due to the modular system, single tiles or an entire sections can be removed or replaced as and when needed.

Available in

F.I.T.TM Polyurethane Flooring System

The tiles in this F.I.TTM (Functional Interlocking Tiles) system are 100% silicone free, and features a lightweight, flexible design that can be easily cut and reconnected at every 3 inches. Patented LockSafe® Positive Interlocking System prevents separation during use but are easily taken apart and reconnected on demand. Once assembled, F.I.TTM tiles can be rolled up without coming apart thus making it an ideal solution where regular cleaning is required.

24/Seven® Rubber Flooring System

Available in two distinct rubber formulations: GR (Grease Resistant), for areas with water or dry debris and NBR (Nitrile Rubber), for maximum effectiveness in areas with petroleum-based fluids.

Patented LockSafe® technology allows tiles to hold secure, and easily taken apart and reconnected on demand. Both female and male connectors have a flange that lock together resulting in a secure connection in all directions. When it's time for removal or maintenance, all that is needed is to roll up and roll away.

WorkSafe® Rubber Flooring System

Ideal for oil work environments such as independent machine and tool shops as well as in-house mechanical engineering departments.