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Wearwell commercial/industrial workplace platform, anti-fatigue and disinfecting mats

Founded in 1950 and known for their DiamondPlate SpongeCote®, an industrial mat with sponge backing offering workers the perfect blend of softness and resilience, Wearwell® has since grown into an industry leader for commercial and industrial ergonomic matting and flooring solutions.

Today, with a wide range of patented innovations, Wearwell® commercial and industrial matting and flooring solutions can cater to unique challenges everywhere and have been used in industries such as general manufacturing, machining, energy exploration, healthcare, commercial buildings, logistics and distribution, automotive, labs and many more.

Wearwell® WOW! Finish Mats

Whether you are working on dusty concrete or slick epoxy, mats should not slide around. WOW!, a special finish that prevents mats from sliding in use, finally solves this decades old problem.

Diamon Plate Spongecote with WOW! Finish

Diamond-plate Spongecote with WOW! finish has become the "Gold Standard' with a tough diamond surface, extra-thick ergonomic build, and keeps mats safely in place.

Top-Tile AM with WOW! Finish

Tile-Top AM with WOW! finish has a tough surface and thick ergonomic build. With Anti-Microbial properties, Tile-Top AM takes your protection to the next level, preventing slips, trips, falls and contamination.

Wearwell® Mat Series


WorkRite rubber mats is a range of economical, lightweight with moulded-in bevelled edges that is suitable for both wet (non caustic) and dry area.

A hygienic hole design makes these mats easy to keep clean.


Manufactured from 100% polyurethane, Rejuvenator® flooring, runners, and workstation mats will help your team stand stronger, longer.

This ultimate product delivers the combination of durability, ergonomics, and awesome good looks!

F.I.T. System

F.I.T.™ (Functional Interlocking Tiles) system is an easy, customizable solution for a wide variety of workspaces that come in different shapes and sizes. F.I.T.™ Tiles are interconnecting, 100% silicone free and feature a lightweight, flexible design that allows tiles to be cut and reconnected every three inches.

LockSafe® Positive Interlocking System prevents separation during use and can be easily unzip for single pieces or sections replacement.


ErgoDeck® are tiles with patented LockSafe® technology that holds secure but can be taken apart to reconnect on demand. Reduce costs and improve safety with ease by just replacing single tiles or sections as needed.

Available in ErgoDeck® MAX made of a combination of Nitricell® and silicone-free OVC and ErgoDeck® Flooring solutions made of 100% silicone-free PVC.


24/Seven® is a collection of high performance interconnecting rubber anti-fatigue mats. These resilient modular mats are 5/8" (16mm) thick and tough enough to handle 24/7 shift operations, while still being supple enough to provide cushioned support where it's needed.

Three different rubber compounds provide resistance against grease (GR), cutting fluid (CFR), and petroleum-based fluids (NBR). GRITSHIELD™ material can also be added to increase traction, if needed.


Work safe in areas that have oily environments. Independent machine and tool shops, as well as in-house departments will benefit from WorkSafe® matting solutions.

Wearwell® Disinfecting Mat

Prevention of contamination has been become important than ever. The stakes are higher in food prep and processing areas.

Sanitary environments are non-negotiable for the prevention of contamination.