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Saving Lives

Protecting Assets

Cable Protectors/Cable Covers

Loose cables and hoses can cause serious and fatal slip, trip and fall accidents in the workplace, public areas or at home. Cable protectors are easy to set-up and handy for quick installations help keep loose cables and hoses hidden and prevent slipping, tripping and falling accidents.

Aircraft and Ground Vehicle Wheel Chock

Properly chocked stationary vehicles can prevent grave accidents leading to injuries and damaged properties. Our range of polyurethane chocks are lightweight, more resistance to oils and chemicals and generally, last longer than rubber and wood chocks. Most are FOD compliant too.

Anti-slip coatings for ground and floors

Slippery ground/floor is a common safety hazard that is preventable. Anti-slip coatings/paints help prevent costly slips and falls where there's pedestrian traffic. These anti-slip coatings/paints also function as safety warning and demarcation lines.

Anti slip tapes for indoor and outdoor environment

With slipping and falling a major concern, preventing personnel injury due to slip and fall has definitely become a necessity. Made in USA, Jessup anti-slip tapes provides for a quick and simple solution alternative to anti-slip coatings/paints.

Soft Edge Corner and Edge Protection Guards

Protruding ledges, obstacles and walls are yet another preventable safety hazard. Knuffi® warning and protective corner and edge guards are not only soft and resilient to absorb the hardest knocks and blows, they have hazard warning as well.

Ergonomic Platforms, Anti-fatigue and Disinfecting Mats

Workplace ergonomics, health and safety are more important than ever. Appropriate ergonomic platforms, anti-fatigue and disinfecting mats help reduce discomfort, injuries and health risk thus maximize productivity and reduce cost due to preventable injury and health incidents.

Hand hygiene has no doubt become very important in our daily lives than before. When plumping is not available, portable automatic touchless sanitizer dispenser and hand washing sinks play an important role in keeping hands sanitizer and clean.

Test Tube Rack For Antigen Rapid Test (ART)

Antigen Rapid Testing (ART) has become part of daily activities. When carrying out ART for staff in groups, having a test tube rack to hold the test solution tube would most likely make the testing process more organized. Currently in stock are 16mm x 60 holes and 20mm x 40 holes.