Omni Technosys - stockist and distributor of industrial safety products

Saving Lives

Protecting Assets

Cable Protectors/Cable Covers
Cable protectors in various applications

Loose cables and hoses can cause serious and fatal slip, trip and fall accidents in the workplace, public areas or at home. Cable protectors, which are easy to set-up and handy for quick installations, can keep loose cables and hoses hidden and help to prevent slipping, tripping and falling accidents thus protecting lives and assets.

Omni Technosys is the distributor and stockist for a wide range of premium rubber and polyurethane drop-over, heavy duty and ultra heavy duty cable protectors from Asia, USA and Europe.

Aircraft and Ground Vehicle Wheel Chock
Ground Vehicle and Aircraft Wheel Chocks in various applications

Properly chocked stationary vehicles can prevent grave accidents leading to injuries and damaged properties. Our range of polyurethane chocks are lightweight, more resistance to oils and chemicals and generally, last longer than rubber and wood chocks. Most are FOD compliant too.

Chocks placed on the wheels of vehicle not removed can cause serious accidents too. To mitigate this problem, we designed a range of chock stands with warning signs to remind drivers of their chocked wheels before driving off.

Anti-slip coatings for ground and floors
Anti-slip coating/paint in different colours on spiral stairs to provide anti-slip function and boundary safety demarcation

Slippery ground/floor is a common safety hazard that is preventable. Anti-slip coatings/paints can help prevent costly slips and falls where there's pedestrian traffic.

Omni Technosys is the distributor and stockist for US made Randolph industrial strength all weather, indoor and outdoor anti-slip coatings suitable for heavy pedestrian traffic environment. Randolph anti-slip coatings come in Yellow, Gray and Black colours and have been coated in schools, factories, public areas, industrial complexes, parks, malls, etc.

Anti slip tapes for indoor and outdoor environment
Anti-slip Tape in various colours and grit

With slipping and falling a major concern in recent times, preventing personnel injury due to slip and fall has definitely become a necessity. Made in USA, Jessup anti-slip tapes provides for a quick and simple solution. Suitable for a wide range of commercial and home installations such as showers, wash areas, public areas, among many, these anti-slip and slip-resistance safety tape are easy to install and come in rolls ranging from extra course grit for environment where aggressive traction is needed to feet and mop friendly versions for home and hospitality environments.

Soft Edge Corner and Edge Protection Guards
Soft Corner & Edge Protection Guards in various applications

Protruding ledges, obstacles and walls are yet another preventable safety hazard.

Made of flexible polyurethane form, Knuffi® warning and protective corner and edge guards are soft and yet sufficiently resilient to absorb the hardest knocks and blows. Their black and yellow markings acts as hazard warning and they also come in many colours to match location aesthetics, glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent for those minimum light moments and can be used indoors and outdoors, on machines, vehicles, walls and passage ways.

Ergonomic Platforms, Anti-fatigue and Disinfecting Mats
Disinfecting Mat in use

Workplace ergonomics, health and safety have become all the more important today than ever with heightened emphasis on eliminating discomfort, injury and health risk.

Appropriate mats can help to eliminate discomfort, lower injury and health risk; thereby maximize productivity and reducing cost due to preventable injury and health incidents. In addition, in our new normal today, shoe disinfecting mats can play a huge role in keeping the work environment clean and sanitized.

Sensor activated hand wash sink and sanitizer/soap dispenser
Terra Safe® Portable Touchless Hand Cleaning/Washing Dispenser & Sink

Hand hygiene has become more important in our daily lives wherever we are than ever. When plumping is not available, portable touchless hand cleaning/washing dispenser and sinks can play an important role.

Terra Safe® Millennia Contactless Sensor Activated Hand Wash Sink is a self-contained portable sink that is fitted with a contactless tap whereas Terra Safe® Sensor-activated Hands-free Dispenser is easy to install for immediate deployment, it can be fitted on a stand and used to dispense sanitizer and hand soap .