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Established in 1948, NoTrax® has since grown into one of the largest integrated manufacturer of floor matting products in the world and offers a complete selection of floor matting solutions for a variety of work environments.

NoTrax® Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Series

A high performance anti-fatigue matting representing the ultimate in comfort and durability for today's industrial environments.

The signature Diamond Plate top surfaces are available in general purpose Vinyl or Nitrile rubber for added spark resistance in fabricating environments. These Diamond Plate top surfaces are bonded to a PVC or NIRU® nitrile rubber sponge base for the ultimate in anti-fatigue and rebound. Both base layers are designed and manufactured with the right amount of compression deflection to meet ergonomic needs.

This Diamond Plate series also feature NoTrax® exclusive RedStop™ non-slip backing and UniFusion™ bonding process. RedStop™ non-slip backing, certified by the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute), eliminates the slipping and sliding of NoTrax® floor mats on smooth floor surfaces such as vinyl composite tile, painted or epoxy coated concrete, carpet, and ceramic tile while NoTrax® UniFusion™ bonding process provides a lifetime warranty against mat delamination.

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NoTrax® Modular Workstation Matting Series

Transformed any workspace into a more comfortable, safe space with NoTrax® modular workstation matting series. Featuring Cushion-Ease®, SkyMaster®, and De-Flex™ series of rubber modular matting created using the highest quality materials, each series is made to accommodate a variety of work environments and complete with the versatility to solve challenges presented.

Whether is it a unique interlocking systems, a variety of edging solutions or specific rubber compound needed, these series of mats help create individual work stations, long aisle runs, and unique custom configurations.

Each modular matting series is engineered to rigorous safety standards to provide safe walking surfaces with seamless interlocking systems, bevelled edges, and rubber substrates with high coefficient of friction. These features provide assurance that employees are safe. Additionally, these mats are ergonomically designed to provide the necessary amount of anti-fatigue to keep workforces productive. Drainage and oil resistant options are made available for harsher conditions or where containment levels are lower. Flame Retardant rubber compounded mats give piece of mind that no fire hazard exists.

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NoTrax® Disinfecting Matting System

Sani-MasterTM is a complete disinfection entrance mat solution comprising three of Notrax® matting features of sanitizing, absorbing and modularity. The extendable mat cleans, sanitizes and dries shoes thus keeping the floor environment beyond the entrance clean and hygienic. Recommended for entrances of schools, hotels, gyms, offices, restaurants, health care facilities, pharmacies as well as hospital and similar environments

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