Polyurethane ground vehicle and aviation chocks


Aviation and vehicle chock

Aviation and vehicle chock
  Wheel choke with signage

Imagine a fully loaded truck or container trailer driving over a wheel chock.

Wheel choke, an essential safety item can cause a serious accident if not remove either because the driver forgot or did not know that chock or chocks are in place.  

To address this, Omni Technosys designed the UC16-S12Y, based on the proven UC1600 chock.

The UC16-S12Y metal signage stand is powder-coated bright yellow colour with warning messages and a Orange UC1600 secured with rotational movement to cater to uneven ground. 

Designed light enough to be handled by one person but stable for use in busy loading/unloading bays and can be stowed and chained together if not in use.

Call us for more information on UC16-S12Y chock with signage stand or any of the ground vehicle or aviation chokes.

PU, HDPE and Metal wheel chocks

To help you choose the right chock please provide tire diameter and maximum loaded weight of the vehicle or plane to be chocked