Ground Vehicle and Aircraft Wheel Chocks

Polyurethane, HDPE and metal ground vehicle and aircraft wheel chocks

mni Technosys Pte Ltd offers a wide range of high quality ground vehicle wheel chocks for cars, vans, lorries, buses, trailers, scissor lifts even 400 tons mining trucks and aviation chocks for helicopters, executive jets, fighter jets, airliners up to and including Airbus A380.

An unchocked runaway vehicle can cause serious injuries and damage properties, on the other hand a driver driving off with the wheel chocked can be just as bad, that is why it is important to have high visibility wheel chock. Our high visibility Orange and Yellow colour wheel chocks clearly show itself to drivers and ground staff that the wheel/s is/are chocked and to remove them before driving off.

Being light weight, they are easy to place and remove without causing fatigue to the crew. Weight is another reason crew choose not to use wheel chock.

Where certification is required, the Terra Chock® HC-A series HDPE and MC-A series metal chocks are TÜV tested to DIN 76051 standards.

Giraffe and Kangaroo

The Terra Chock® UCXX-S12Y (Giraffe) and UCXX-P12Y (Kangaroo) series chock stand with signage go even further to warn drivers that their vehicle wheel is chocked. With today's fast pace schedules, drivers rushing off to the the next site may forget to remove the wheel chock under the truck. If they step hard on the accelerator to overcome the resistance of the wheel chock under the vehicle, the truck may veer to one side or accelerate forward and collide with someone or damage property.

Omni Technosys Pte Ltd designed the Terra Chock® UCXX-S12Y (Giraffe) and UCXX-P12Y (Kangaroo) with these safety concerns in mind and from customers' feedbacks. When drivers get into the cab and about to drive off, they will always look at the 3 rear view mirrors. With the Giraffe and Kangaroo, they will see the highly visible yellow stand and sign that the wheel is chocked, preventing serious injuries and costly damages.

Selecting a good quality wheel chock can prevent serious injuries and costly damages, it cost a lot less than the cost of injuries and damages so...chock it right the first time!

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Quality Wheel Chocks

  • Constructed from high impact absorbing, weather and abrasion resistant materials; thus will not rot, crack, clip or split like rubber and wood.
  • Manufactured with high visibility safety colours (i.e. they are not painted).
  • Lightweight and easy to transport with built-in carrying handle.
  • Engineered and built to last longer.
  • Foreign Object Debris (FOD) compliant.
  • Available as single unit, options available in pairs fitted with rope or with mounting brackets.
  • Rating are for flat surfaces and wheel chocks in perfect conditions.