Shoes Disinfecting Mats

Shoes disinfection mats has undoubtfully become priority at many places.

Besides hand hygiene such as hand washing and hand sanitizing, environmental hygiene and cleanliness is as important. At high foot traffic spaces such as shopping malls, sole of shoes are potential points for pathogen transmission.

When people cough and sneeze, tiny droplets of moisture are expelled. These tiny droplets of moisture can and may carry contaminants. When these droplets land on floors, the underside of footwear pick them up and spreading begins.

Hence, disinfecting/sanitizing mats are effective tools to help reduce such contamination and spreading.

What is a disinfecting/sanitizing mat?

Disinfecting/sanitizing mats, also commonly known as shoe cleaning mats, antimicrobial door mat or antiseptic floor mats, look and work like common entrance mats; except that they have raised edges to hold disinfecting solutions to disinfect the sole of shoes and bristles to remove dirt and grim. Often, disinfecting footbath systems are equipped with a section of drying mats for further cleaning and drying of the soles of shoes ensuring harmful contaminants are not brought into an indoor space.

Installing such mats is as easy as placing them on the floor and fill the mats with a choice of disinfecting solution. Cleaning the mats and replacing the disinfecting solution is as easy and fuss free as well.

As such, disinfecting floor mats, shoe cleaning and sanitizing entrance mats, antimicrobial door mats have become important tools at the entrances of schools, hotels, gyms, offices, restaurants, health care facilities, pharmacies as well as hospital and many more.

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