Omni Tech Cable Protectors

Omni Tech cable protector

Widest Range of Heavy, Medium and Light Duty Cable Protectors and Ramps

Reduce tripping and falls in work place and area with conspicuous cable protectors. Improves work area safety and eliminates the cost and labour of laying cables, pipes, tubes underground or running them overhead or redirecting traffic.

There 2, 3 and 5 channels heavy duty and 1 channel drop-over cable, pipes and hose protectors and ramps are ideal for temporary uses in a wide range of purposes and environments. Our heavy duty and 'drop-over' cable protectors are essential in places where surface run cables, pipes, wires, etc. might pose a danger of tripping and falling.

Work sites and work places safety are enhanced with these contrasting yellow and black ramp like cable protectors. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses like events, stages, studios, warehouses, military field exercises, aircraft hangars, factory floors, laboratories, cleaning work places, etc. where long power cables, wires, pipes can be s safety hazard.

Our cable protectors help keep the work environment safe and at the same time protect valuable and delicate electrical, IT media cables, pipes, tubes, etc. Both the heavy duty and drop-over cable protectors are made of materials that are durable and at the same time easy to work on to conceal electronic devices for recording and measuring races/marathons, date collections, etc.


  1. All rubber cable protectors are designed for temporary uses and not designed for vehicular road use

  2. While all cable protectors can be used both indoor and outdoor, weather, outdoor environment and use environment will greatly reduce the life span of the cable protectors

  3. To ensure safety to users, it is crucial that potential hazard warnings are clearly indicated where cable protectors/ramps are in use.

Omni Technosys probably offers the widest range of cable protectors in this region. Let us help you choose the right cable protectors by telling us the outer diameter of your cables, pipes, tubes, hose, etc., the number of cables running through it, maximum load going over it.

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Rubber Cable Ducts

Omni Tech flexible rubber cable ducts
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Rubber cable ducts are flexible cable protectors for light duties applications. They come in rolls and can easily be cut to the required length.

When in proper use, they can provide protection to cables from light pedestrian traffic and prevent pedestrian from tripping over loose and twisting cables.

Uses include temporary protection of power extension cables, power cords, LAN wiring, etc in event, public areas, offices, etc.

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Cable Protectors

Omni Tech cable protectors and ramps
Omni Tech 2 channels cable protector
Omni Tech 3 channels cable protectors
Omni Tech PVC drop over cable protector
Omni Tech PVC drop over cable protector
Omni Tech 2 channels cable protector
Omni Tech 2 channels cable protector

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Drop-over Cable Protector Range

Heavy Duty Cable Protector Range

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Checkers cable protectors
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