Jessup Anti Slip/Anti Skid Tapes

Jessup anti-slip tapes
Jessup anti-slip tapes

Anti slip tapes, also commonly known as non slip or anti skid tapes, are easy to install and can be put to use immediately. In tropical Singapore where it rains often, one of the most common types of injuries happens when someone slips and falls on slippery surfaces, floors, walkways, stairs and steps.

Unfortunately, even though it was likely an accident, such falls are usually followed by serious injuries and possible legal implications. Hence, anti slip tapes are effective preventive measures to prevent such incidents from happening.

Omni Technosys Pte Ltd is the authorised distributor with available stocks in Singapore for Jessup range of Safety Track®, Flex Track® and Glo-Brite® anti slip tape products.

Engineered to exceed OSHA and ADA Standards for non-slip protection on hazardous surfaces. Jessup’s premier non-slip Safety Track® products are the only anti-slip products available to be certified as “High Traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute(NFSI).

With an aggressive adhesive peel and stick system, Jessup premier anti-slip tapes are easy to install and provides longevity of application. Comes in a continuous roll of 18m, they can be easy cut to desired length. They also come in many colours, textures and coefficient of friction for used in homes, offices and many rugged outdoor environments.

Commonly used Jessup Safety Track® and Flex Track® anti slip tapes are

Jessup #3100-2 anti-slip tapes

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Photos of Jessup anti slip tapes applications in Singapore

Jessup #3335-3 anti-slip tape
Jessup #3100 anti-slip tapes
Jessup #3700-3 anti-slip tapes
Jessup #3335-2 anti-slip tapes
Jessup #3100-18 anti-slip tapes
Jessup #3100-2 anti-slip tapes
Jessup #3100-2 anti-slip tapes
Jessup #3305 anti-slip tapes
Jessup #3530 anti-slip tapes