Terra Safe® Hands-free Sanitizer Dispenser

Foot Activated

Terra Safe Hands-free sanitizer dispenser stand

Terra Safe® hands-free hand sanitizer stand dispenses with a step on the foot pedal.
Available in Stainless Steel and painted Mild Steel models.

No battery needed, fully mechanical, maintenance-free. Light weight, easy to deploy and small foot print.

Bottle holder height and depth adjustable.

Durable and robust construction.

Designed for outdoor (Stainless Steel model) and indoor use, ideal for use in restaurants, shops/malls, festivals, expos/conferences, construction sites, camping/recreational, military deployments, outdoor activities and more..

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*Hand sanitizer solution not included / Image shows Stainless Steel model

Sensor Activated


Terra Safe® Nimbus One touchless sensor activated wall mounted hand sanitizer dispenser makes hand hygiene possible where hand washing facilities are not available or practical.

Lightweight and come fitted with a 1 litre refillable container, it is powered by 4 'C' size batteries or 6V DC external supply.

Available in While with Black Oval and Gray back.

Designed for indoor use in lift lobbies, reception area, restaurants, shops, malls, expos/conferences, recreational premises and more...

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*Hand sanitizer solution not included