Poor hand hygiene is the leading cause of food poisoning and the spread of infectious diseases; prevention requires constant vigilance. Satisfy Health authorities, protect your customers, and your business by improving the hand washing practices of your employees with Tealwash hand washing units. Because our unique hand wash stations require no plumbing, they can be strategically placed to achieve a positive hygiene environment.

The TEAL HYGIENIUS™ hot water hand wash unit has strength in versatility. Designed to encourage hand washing, it’s lightweight, self-contained, portable design allows strategic placement to suit your needs. 

Simply fill the detachable on-board reservoir, wheel it to the point of need, plug into power and it is ready. When the motion sensor detects your hands in the bowl, it will flash for 3 seconds before delivering a perfect 10 second, 43°C hand wash. 

With the capacity to deliver 50 ten second hand washes per filling. Ensure compliance with health regulations and protect your workplace from disease, infection and illness.

• Sensor operated
• Timed wash cycle
• No plumbing (self-contained)
• Instant hot water
• Light weight
• Indoor/Outdoor use
• CE compliance

Overall height................990mm 
Height to bowl...............900mm Width...........................330mm 
Dry Weight................... 7.65kg 
Power...2kW Model...9A@ 230VAC
Now sensor activated, the Big Sink is one of our most adaptable units so far! Offering both hot and cold water washing, and a much larger capacity than our other units (up to 125 ten second hot washes). All that’s required is a power point. 

The Big Sink is ideal for high volume or large application usage, with increased capacity both in washing area and in quantity of washes. 

Our units has been used in outdoor restaurants, festivals, hospitals, expos/conferences, building sites,  surgical facilities, camping/recreational and more. 

• Hot and Cold water
• Sensor operated 
• Timed wash cycle 
• No Plumbing (Self-Contained)
• Light weight 
• Indoor/Outdoor use 
• CE compliance

Overall height
(w/legs and tap in place)..1150mm 
Height of body
(without legs and tap)........330mm Length.............................600mm Width...............................400mm Approx. bowl volume........ 17 litres 
Dry Weight...................... 15.5kg Power..2.4kW Model..10A@ 230VAC



The robust, compact Tealwash is ideal for smaller fixed use hand washing 
inside or outside to allow your mobile employees access to suitable hand wash facilities.

Designed and made to last; bowl, tank and lid are double skinned and moulded in high impact polyethylene. 

Easy to fill and empty. Large opening lid for easy top up, simply close the bowl after washing so the waste water can drain through funnel to disposal site.

Approximately 20 twelve second washes from each filling of the 5 litre tank.


The Kiddisink mobile hand wash station provides fun hand washing for little hands.

Aimed at the 18 months and over age group, its smart design and on board wheels mean it is can be placed indoors or out, wherever it will maximise learning.

Do you have trouble with clean hand training?
Do you have to drag children away from play to an adult type wash room or toilet?
Can they then reach the bowl comfortably and can they use the old fashioned type twist taps?
Is getting them to mix hot and cold water an invitation for chaos?

The Kiddisink can help.

Warm water hand washing can be provided anywhere with this versatile unit, it is entirely self-contained, collecting and storing all waste water.


Just fill it with warm water and the Kiddisink will stay warm for several hours.


No need to drag them away to wash their hands, they can now do it where they're playing!


• The unique 'Flippi-tap', simple to use with just one finger. So there is no re-contamination from dirty taps.
• The waste water is secure in separate 10 litre container.
• Easy to fill and easy to empty.
• No moving parts to trap tiny fingers.
• Light weight 
• Filled with 8 litres of fresh warm water to achieve up to 40-ten second washes at an pleasant temperature for small hands.

Overall height.............980mm
Height to bowl........... 650mm

Designed for the sole purpose of hand washing, our innovative units provide easy and effective hand washing when it otherwise may be impossible to do so. Ideal for remote and low infrastructure environments.

Warm water hand washing is still the gold standard when it comes to infection prevention and is scientifically proven to be superior to any other form of hand wash, including alcohol gels and wipes.
Utilised by the British Army in their soft walled medical facilities in Afghanistan and Iraq our hand wash units are a revolutionary solution to the hygiene demands of the modern military,

We provide a comprehensive range of mobile, portable and permanent warm water hand wash units to suit every health, safety and hygiene requirement.
  Tealwash has facilitated good hand washing practices in a wide range of industries form Food to Medical, Trade, Education, Tattooing, Beauty, Events and more.

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