Slips, Trips and Knocks

These are common causes of injuries in homes, workplaces and also schools. Most of the time they are just near misses or caused minor injuries. Unfortunately, sometime the injuries are fatal.

Examples of causes of Slips, Trips and Knocks
Slips can be caused by slippery surfaces from slippage, areas around hand washing basins and water cooler, etc.

Trips may be due to loose uncovered cables or hoses running across walkways for example.

Head injuries caused by running into low-hung ceiling, low hanging equipment brackets, corners of wall or sports equipment in the gym/court from unprotected or improper protection of corners and edges can be fatal.

All the above are preventable or can be greatly reduced and we provide solutions to most of the causes.

Loctite Big Foot Heavy Duty Pedestrian Grade Anti-Slip Coating

Safe steps for Schools

Knuffi Edge and Corner Bumper Guards

Cable protectors prevent tripping over loose cables and hoses

Safe steps for Schools                  

Safe steps for Schools
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