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Terra Safe foot activated hands-free hand sanitizer stand

Wearwell footwear sanitizing mats
Photo shows Wearwell 222 Size 12"x16"x24" Black filled with disinfectant
Large sizes available

Terra Safe Millennia hand wash sinks

Anti-slip coating for public, commercial and industrial premises
Prevents costly slips and falls where you have pedestrian traffic. 

Loctite Big Foot and Randolph Randogrip anti-slip coating are industrial strength all weather, indoor and outdoor costings suitable for heavy pedestrian traffic environment. 

These anti-slip coatings comes in Yellow, Gray and Black colours and are suitable for factories, schools, public areas, industrial complexes, parks, malls, etc. 


Jessup range of anti-slip safety tape are easy to install and are suitable for a wide range of commercial and home installations. 

Suitable for showers, wash areas, public areas, etc. Jessup range of anti-slip and slip-resistance tapes comes with extra course grit where aggressive traction is needed to feet and mop friendly versions for home and hospitality environments. 

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      Cable Protector Landing Page           
Distributor and stockist for a wide range of cable protectors/ramps and chocks from Asia, USA and Europe.

Loose cables, pipes and hoses can cause serious and fatal slip, trip and fall accidents in the workplace, public areas or at home. 
Drop-over and heavy duty cable protectors prevent tripping and protect assets.

Easy to setup, handy for quick installation when needed.

Click here to find out more about our heavy duty and drop-over cable protectors>>>

    Ground vehicle and aviation wheel chocks
 Aviation and vehicle chock   Aviation and vehicle chock    Aviation and vehicle chock

Rolling vehicles can cause grave accidents.

Not all chocks are made the same. Polyurethane chocks cost a little more but they last longer than rubber and wood chocks. A broken chock is as bad as having no chock.

In today's demanding schedule drivers may forget to remove chock before driving. Our chock with signage visually remind them to remove the chock before driving.

Our aviation chocks are used by airlines and air forces.

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 Knuffi Products Page  Knuffi corner and edge guards
Knuffi Products Page

Knuffi® warning and protective bumper guards are made of flexible polyurethane foam and are sufficiently resilient to absorb even the hardest knocks and blows. 

Their black and yellow marking also acts as a hazard warning of sharp edges, protruding ledges and obstacles. Many other colours are available including glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent.

Knuffi® profiles can be used both indoors and outdoors on factory transportation routes, machines, vehicles, walls and passageways.