Notrax® 348 Sani-Master Disinfecting Mat System

Sani-MasterTM is a complete disinfection entrance mat solution comprising three of Notrax® matting features of sanitizing, absorbing and modularity. The 19mm thick extendable mat cleans, sanitizes and dries shoes thus keeping the floor environment beyond the entrance clean and hygienic.

Recommended for entrances of schools, hotels, gyms, offices, restaurants, health care facilities, pharmacies as well as hospital and likes, this 348 Sani-MasterTM system is made up of 3 sections -

Section 1 -
Sani-MasterTM disinfection foot bath with flexible bristles that bend to immerse soles in disinfectant solutions to wash and disinfect shoes as one walks past on it.

Section 2 -
An extendable drying zone to dry shoes and prevent slips with patented connection system that is seamless to avoid height changes or disconnection of the mats.

Section 3 -
An end drying zone with integrated bevelled edges to prevent tripping.

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Features of 348 Sani-MasterTM Disinfecting Mat System
  • 100% natural rubber compound
  • Overall thickness: 19 mm
  • Holds up to 4 ½ litres of disinfecting solution
  • Standard sizes: 
    • 91.4cm x 105cm
    • 91.4cm x 152.5cm
    • 91.4cm x 200cm
  • Custom lengths: 
    • 3' X 60'
    • 3'x 60'
    • 4' X 60'
    • 4'x 60'