Loctite and Randolph anti-slip coatings

Slip, skid and fall prevention products. When it happens, it might be too late. 

In today's harsh environments, facility floors endure constant abuse and the repair and maintenance of these areas present an ongoing challenge to facility engineers. Loctite Big Foot and Randolph Radogrip anti-slip floor coating system provides the solutions needed to keep facilities looking good and performing great.

Loctite Anti-slip coating

Loctite Anti-slip coating
Loctite Big Foot and Randolph Randogrip Anti-Slip Profile. 
Durable, suitable for indoor/outdoor applications
Loctite Anti-slip coating
Anti-Slip Coated Plates over Drain Gratings

Loctite Anti-slip coating
Anti-Slip Coating on Stairs
Loctite Anti-slip coating
Anti-Slip Coating on Marble Pool Sides

Loctite Anti-slip coating
Anti-Slip Coating on High Traffic Walkways

Loctite Anti-slip coating
Anti-Slip Coating on Machine Platforms

Anti-Slip Coating on Industrial Platform and Steps

Anti-Slip Coating with Painted Messages
Loctite Anti-slip coating
Anti-Slip coating on footpath ramp
Loctite Anti-slip coating
Anti-Slip Coating on Granite Ramped Entrance

Loctite Anti-slip coating
Anti-Slip Coating on Marble Entrance

Loctite Anti-slip coating
Anti-Slip Coating Driveways

Anti-Slip Coating in Commercial Kitchen

Loctite Big Foot Anti-slip coating
Anti-Slip Coating on Checkered Steel Steps

Loctite Big Foot Anti-slip coating
Anti-Slip Coating in schools

Typical applications include a non-slip finish for steel ramps, concrete, walkways, wood surfaces, loading docks, marine applications,
assembly areas and stairs where flexible non-slip coating is required.

Loctite and Randogrip Anti-slip Coating

Randolph Randogrip ‎(Loctite Big Foot)‎ Anti-Slip Application

          Metal plates applied with Metal primer and anti-slip coating in the above video installed on drain grating after curing for 7 days

  Suitable for use in kitchen, factory floor, machine steps, ladders, rigs, walkways, stairways and virtually any indoor and outdoor area that poses slip and skid hazards.

- Outlasts and outperforms tapes, 'sand and paint'.
- Provides the strongest, most aggressive anti-slip products available.
- Resists harsh chemicals such as gasoline, jet fuel and hydraulic fluid.
- Prevents costly slips and falls where you have pedestrian traffic.
- Offered in grades tough enough to handle heavy forklift and vehicular traffic and grades gentle enough for barefoot traffic.
- Increases safety of walkways, ramps and entrances.
- Contaminants are trapped in the “valleys” and traction is maintained at the “peaks”.
- Grades available for indoor and outdoor applications.
- Available in Yellow, Black and Gray colours.
- CFIA approved. 

Properties of uncured material:
                                                                  Typical Value
Appearance                                                   Yellow,Gray or Black liquid
V.O.C.–Volatile Organic Content,lb./gal                2.8
Volume of solids,%                                          61
Density,lb./gal                                               13.9
Coverage Roller                                             50ft2 per/gal
Mix Ratio                                                      One Component

Typical Curing

Performance Curing Properties (@21°C unless noted)
                                                                   Typical Value
*Dry time, Light pedestriann traffic, hours            12
Heavy pedestrian traffic, hours                           72

Typical Properties of cured material (@ 25°C unless noted)
Physical Properties
Typical Value
Coefficient of friction, ASTM F609,                  Dry 1.17
                                                                Wet 1.0

Note: Although this non-slip coating is extremely durable,it is not permanent and will require occasional touch-up, especially in high traffic areas.