Adam Hall Defender Lux, protecting your cables and for preventing people from tripping. The innovative cable crossovers from the Defender LUX Series have highly transparent, yellow-tinted lids, where LED light tubes can be inserted parallel to cables and other pipes. Defender LUX cable crossovers can be used with commercially available light tubes. Light tubes with a so-called neon effect are especially recommended since individual LEDs are less visible and this provides for particularly homogeneous lighting. 

Adam Hall Defender Lux series

Adam Hall Defender Mini

To help you choose the right cable protectors due to the broad product lines, channel sizes, load capacities, colour combinations, please contact us with information on the cable/hose sizes, number of cables running in the cable protector, maximum load going over the cable protectors, etc.

Adam Hall Defender Family

Defender Ultra L

Defender XXL

Defender III

Defender Midi

Defender Mini

Defenders in Detail
Defender Ultra L Details
Defender XXL Details

Defender Midi Details
Defender Mini Details
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