Defender® Cable Protection Systems

Defender® cable protection systems comprise of a range of easy to handle modular cable protectors while originally developed to be used to prevent tripping hazards at event such as music concerts, they are also trusted in a variety of industrial, commercial and public applications.

Made from ultra-rugged thermoplastic polyurethane under stringent raw material and production controls, the Defender® range of cable protectors are
  1. DEKRA certified in conformity with DIN 31000:1979 and EN 61537:2001,
  2. B2 fire rated according to DIN 4102,
  3. resistant to oil, acids and petrol within operating temperature range of
  4. approximately -30°C to +60°C, and
  5. feature a easy and efficient opening and locking system.

Defender® Lux series is a unique range of cable protectors that protect cables, prevent tripping hazards and offer visibility as well as security in the dark.

With its highly translucent, yellow-tinted lid, LED light tubes can be inserted parallel to cables and other pipes offering protection for the cables, prevention of tripping hazards and lighting thus making cable protectors from this Defender® Lux series especially useful at events occurring at night or in low light environment.

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Defender® Cable Protection Systems