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Loctite Big Foot Anti-Slip Coatings

Prevents costly slips and falls where you have pedestrian traffic. 

Loctite Big Foot anti-slip coating are industrial strength all weather, indoor and outdoor costings suitable for heavy traffic and commercial environment. 

These anti-slip coatings comes in Yellow, Gray and Black colours and are suitable for factories, schools, public areas, industrial complexes, parks, malls, etc. 

Loctite Big Foot Anti-slip coating
Loctite Big Foot Anti-Slip Coating in Safety Yellow, Gray and Black Colours.

Anti-slip tapes

Jessup range of anti-slip safety tape are easy to install and are suitable for a wide range of commercial and home installations.  

Suitable for showers, wash areas, public areas, etc. 
Jessup range of anti-slip and slip-resistance tapes comes with extra course grit where aggressive traction is needed to feet and mop friendly versions for home and hospitality environments. 

Anti-slip tapes
Flex Track® 4200 Black Colour. Mop friendly Non-Abrasive Embossed Tape. 

Cable Protector
Bumble Bee, Guard  Dog, Linebacker,  Yellow Jacket ... others brands

Distributor and stockist for a wide range of cable protectors/ramps and chocks from Asia, USA and Europe.

Loose cables, pipes and hoses can cause serious and fatal slip, trip and fall accidents in the workplace, public areas or at home.

Cable Protector Landing Page

Drop-over and heavy duty cable protectors prevent tripping and protect assets. Easy to setup, handy for quick and temporary use.

Cable Protector

Rolling vehicles can cause grave accidents. General and heavy duty wheel chocks and aviation chocks can save lives and properties.